Jesus Wouldn’t Do That


If it happens, the sight of Christians burning copies of the Qur’an will be one ludicrous result of the Christian partisanship that corrupts Christianity into something alien to Jesus. Such actions and the hate-filled pride behind them work against Jesus Christ, inflicting disgrace upon his name and his people.

Will the Qur’an burning endanger U.S. troops and civilians? I don’t know, but I’m sure it won’t help efforts to isolate the minority of belligerent Muslims with murder on their minds from the majority of Muslims who are not terrorists and do not want to be terrorists. Video of the event could be used as propaganda to help recruit terrorists and to enrage or embitter Muslims, especially if they are tricked into generalizing the hateful act of a few American Christians into misperceptions of the feelings of many or most Americans or of valid Christian attitudes toward Islam. The people most directly and immediately harmed, however, will be those who participate in the burning. The shepherd is doing deep-down damage to his own flock.

I find it irksome that our “news” media are falling over each other to give the misguided (to put it mildly) minister his fifteen minutes of fame, as though there were really a significant story in the event.

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