Children’s Photo Book: Who’s in that Tree?

I have self-published a children’s photo book titled, Who’s in that Tree? The book is non-fiction although the speaker is an imagined child curious about life right outside the family’s backdoor. The child is not identified by name, age, or gender, and I hope children reading the book or hearing it read to them will identify with the curious child.

Including the cover, my book includes 19 color photographs I took on or from our residential property in Warwick Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. A child looking at the open book sees the printed text on the left, the corresponding photo on the right.

As the author, photographer, and publisher for the book, I had the copies for sale printed right here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Below are images of the cover and a couple of 2-page spreads. The whole book is printed on glossy paper, and the front and back covers are coated for durability. The books are saddle stitched.

The cost per book of $15.00 includes the sales tax of $0.85. Shipping for one or two books adds $5.00 which also includes Pennsylvania sales tax on the shipping cost. Additional postage for larger orders to be mailed. Payment may be with cash (in person only) or check made to “Richard Sindall.” As soon as the check clears, I’ll send the book(s). Of course, I’ll need a mailing address.

My business email address is

My hope is not only that children will enjoy the book itself but will also be encouraged to find wonder in the living creatures all around them in their own yards or neighborhoods.

Below see the cover and two page spreads.

Book Cover

Page spread 1
Page spread 2