Restful Growing Restless


Frequently these days, I re-read things I wrote years ago, especially it seems from 2010, to reset my clock of the self in hope of going forward with purpose and the hope purpose engenders. I’m feeling as though the restfulness of retirement is growing restless, as though rest has settled into the inertia of rest.

This morning I’ve been re-reading something I wrote for September 5, 2010. The whole piece holds meaning for me and more than a gentle nudge to move forward with purpose, but I share this tiny chunk.

What are people asking? They are, we are told, asking to be soothed and entertained. The passion running through our society is anger that builds into rage. We feel alive by getting angry. Otherwise, we chase the dull stars of relaxation, entertainment, and amusement. Descartes famously followed the process of doubting until he arrived at the bare conclusion, “I think, therefore I am,” but as a society, we are moving toward the conclusion, “I’m angry, therefore I feel alive.”

The flip-side, I think, of this ready anger is anxiety pushing us downward into depression. We need more in life and better.

7 Comments on “Restful Growing Restless

  1. Bob Spence

    Thank you for your thoughts. Our society seems to operate on hate, not understanding. It is a sad state of affairs.

  2. Yvonne Custis

    In today’s world the hope of a good eventful outcome to some issues seems to be lessened. Many have tuned out and turned off, making the chances greater for failure. Oh God, renew our hope.

  3. Beth Hunter

    The wisdom of my Healing Musician harp teacher believed the focus to be on pain or anxiety – and all that accompanies the spectrum of rhythms, harmonies, individual melodies (stories past-present- future), and form. Within these there is a circular flow or wave forming. A forward motion of energy perhaps felt as ‘restlessness’ toward quietness, the Resonance or Vibration of Healing Calm. Within a space – time continuum?

  4. Herb Gates

    Grace & peace of Jesus to you and your family! Are you the Dick Sindall who went to Westminster College and played pool with/against me? I am in Bethlehem now, 50+ years later and wiser (I think). Will reply if you respond to this message.

    1. Dick Sindall Post author

      Hello, Herb. Yes, I am the same Dick Sindall you knew at Westminster College. I haven’t, though, shot pool in many years, and trifocals might make it interesting to attempt.

  5. Debbie

    Your choice of topic is so appropriate. Anger seems to be pervasive. I’m tending to vacillate between paying attention to current events in order to stay informed and disconnecting to regain my sense of balance. I’m dreading 2024.

    1. Dick Sindall Post author

      I understand that vacillation, Debbie. I try to balance staying informed without dwelling too much on the continual pressure to stay angry and stay anxious. That balance seems to me to require seeking the comfort/peace of faith while also seeking to care, advocate, and serve.

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