Tricked into Trust?


What sort of reasoning makes people think they can trick me into trusting them? Checking my spam file this morning, I found an e-mail trying to sell me medications by presenting itself as having been sent to me by me. Wow, there’s a trust builder! Of course I’ll go right ahead and purchase meds from that source, since I’m just dying to put substances into my body if only they come from blatantly and stupidly deceptive sellers.

In the church office, we frequently get telephone calls from people pretending they are not selling something. “Ministries” they call themselves, and they’re just sharing, offering exciting opportunities, etc. Liars or, at least, deceivers I would call them. They attempt to bypass the church secretary by pretending to be colleagues of mine so they can talk at me, sensing I have asked that such calls not be put through to me because I do not wish to speak with them and so waste on vacuous sales pitches time I need for work. If our government did not already have so many major challenges to meet so we can begin to recover from the debilitating effects of the previous eight years and more, I might suggest someone should investigate the tax status of businesses catering to the religious market and calling themselves ministries.

Funny, I assume deceivers will deceive and pretenders are only pretending to be reliable.

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