Thoughts on Migrant Workers and Immigrants


Shortly, I will be part of a team hosting college students on an alternative spring break under the leadership of their chaplain for an experience provided by the Farm Workers Support Committee here in South Jersey and in eastern Pennsylvania. I have volunteered to write four blog-style pieces to serve as input for their morning reflection times during their visit.

I suggested the following four topics.

1. The biblical injunctions regarding the foreigner who lives and works among you.
2. The prophetic linkage between expressions of faith (or even thankfulness) and social justice, with the prophets’ rejection of worship without justice.
3. Thoughts on how faith changes demands for social justice from mere power struggles into models of potential mutuality and power sharing.
4. The cheap and dirty trick of preaching patient suffering to people being used and abused.

My next four posts will be my drafts for these reflection pieces.