Identity Branding and Freedom


I confess that I read my old sermons, the ones I myself wrote.  Ego trip?  Pathetic nostalgia?  No and no.  I learned from the process of writing them, and I find unsurprisingly that I do not readily remember everything I have learned in my life.  So, I who once wrote and preached these sermons now read them and try to hear them speaking to me.  So I learn some things I had learned before.

On this morning of our national Independence Day, I searched for something appropriate and found a 2010 sermon titled, “Identity Branding and Freedom.”  I’m posting the link here in my biblically focused blog, not only because it’s a sermon, but also because the first part suggests rethinking our habit of supposing we already know what some particular story in the Bible tells us.

Here is the link to “Identity Branding and Freedom” for any who care to read it.  Have a good, thoughtful, and safe Independence Day.