Long-term Recovery from Hurricane Sandy


Church World Service (CWS) reports that to date it has provided more than $750,000 in material resources for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  As its video linked below states, many agencies are working together to provide short-term relief to people in the several states hit hard by the storm.  What the video emphasizes is that CWS stays for the long term.  The reality I would underscore is that the people hurt most by such a natural disaster are those who were already most in need before the disaster struck, and they are the ones whose recovery is most tenuous and takes longest.

Here is the Web page with the video.


Here’s a question I heard raised yesterday. We hope that property owners can recover and feel terrible for those who have lost much or even everything — homes, businesses, and facilities needed by their communities. One friend whose property was heavily damaged told me that probably the worst problem for the little community in the long term was the destruction of their water treatment facility.  And, here’s the question, what happens to people who were renters and now have no homes to which to return and nothing left of their possessions, especially if they were barely making it financially before the storm and likely had no insurance?