Spiritual, Not Religious


In the process of writing the first draft of Sunday’s sermon, I saw a little more clearly, I think, what people mean when they say, “I’m not religious, but I’m spiritual.” I’ve been puzzled by their definition or understanding of “spiritual,” but that’s not the point. What I think they are saying is, “Back off, and leave me alone.” I don’t need or want your religion’s judgments upon me and my life. I don’t care what you believe, no matter how certain you have convinced yourself you are of those beliefs. I don’t need your rules or prohibitions. I can be ethical without your commandments and spiritual without your rituals. I can share life with other people, be their friend and love them, without learning your “lord-talk.” And I don’t have to tell you what being spiritual means to me, because I don’t care if I pass your entrance exam or not. Whatever you’re selling, peddle it somewhere else, and I’ll find what I need for myself, my way.

Can we who are Christians understand that we have worked quite hard to earn that rebuff? If so, maybe we can rejoin humanity and find our own anew.