Web Site Crisis? No More


Google threw me a curve ball. For years, I have used Picasa (which Google had acquired) to put my photo albums onto the Web so I could share them with friends and family. When I wanted to put photos onto my own Web site or the Bridgeton church’s, I did so by linking to the album on Picasa.

Our son Jonathan is a graphic designer who taught himself Web design, and when he made me a new personal Web site, he designed and built it in Word Press. At my request, he found a plug-in that displayed photo albums on my site by linking to Picasa.

Two changes have rendered that arrangement unworkable. Google has called halt to Picasa (effective in May) and migrated all Picasa albums to Google Photo. The designer and owner of the plug-in has suspended support for it, which means it will not be updated to link to Google Photo. Boom. There goes the Photography page on my Web site as well as the display of photos on my home page.

Now I more fully appreciate the work Jon did in his design and construction of my site. I was on my own for solving the problem, but the means were in place, and I did not have to do any computer coding. All I had to do was search a list for a new Word Press plug-in that promised what I wanted (and received good reviews), download and install it, then set it up on my site. That last step was a fairly big one, but I did it in one afternoon and evening.

All the photos for my albums (now called galleries) reside on my Web site, and so I am free from the vagaries of Google or any other provider of online photo storage in the cloud. I can add photos or new galleries as I wish. The plug-in, Photo Gallery, displays them as sets of thumbnails the user can search, enlarge, or run as a slide show of that Gallery.

“I did not have to do any computer coding.” Right there is the key Jon had searched for – the key to unlock Web site maintaining and updating for personal users and small businesses that neither have Web pros on the payroll nor can afford to hire contractors each time the service is needed. Did I need to “know computers,” as people say? Yes, but I did not have to know CSS, PHP, Java Script, or even HTML. Is that alphabet gibberish to you? There’s my point.

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