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My new WordPress site was designed by our son, Jonathan Sindall, who is also a graphic designer and illustrator. When Jon added Web design to his freelance capabilities, he encountered a problem frustrating small business owners and managers: updating.

A static site, one that is rarely or never updated, is merely an online brochure offering potential customers no reason to return for another look. Businesses change.

Businesses change.

They offer new products or services while discontinuing the old ones. They run specials. They rearrange their shops or showrooms to entice returning shoppers to stay and look around again. Otherwise, people poke their heads in the door, see just what they saw on their previous visit, and move on. Been there, seen that.

It’s embarrassing for a business person to have to tell a potential customer, “Oh, we don’t offer that (item or service) anymore.” Then why does your Web site say you do?

Let’s say I own a business and cannot afford to pay someone to update my site regularly, but I don’t want to look like a fly-by-night operation. I want people to find me and be enticed. So I ask people who do Web sites who will keep my new site up to date? I will? Oh, it’s easy, is it? Okay, here goes. How do I upload a new picture and get it to stay where I want to put it on my Web page? How can I make the bullet points stay in line? Where did my other pictures disappear to, and how do I get them back? “Just a few clicks,” huh? Yeah, right! I don’t have time for this! I have a business to run.

I don’t have time for this! I have a business to run.

Then I learn that my site should be “responsive,” which means it should reformat itself automatically for the viewer’s desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or smart phone. So, I ask a friend to go to my site on her smart phone, and, yup, there it is – my site, perhaps readable by a literate hawk but not by a human. The print is minuscule. Maybe I can spread my fingers on the screen to enlarge it, but then I have too few words in view at a time. Almost everything is off-screen or jumbled.

Jon now can offer a simple but still well designed “regular” site, a basic WordPress site, or a more sophisticated WordPress site, any of which can be updated by the site’s owner. I’m his latest customer, and I’m finding it pretty easy.

My site is not basic. Jon designed it to show many capabilities of WordPress. So, it reformats itself for my iphone. It imports my photos from Picasa® and opens the one selected in a pop-up box. It allows me to post to my blogs, have posts emailed to subscribers, receive and screen comments, and archive the old ones. I can easily add new photos, new albums, or even new pages – myself – because Jon designed the format to be ready for new pages. The site has many features, and I think he designed it beautifully without the gimmicks that slow sites down or frustrate the viewer who wants to click on a picture that just faded from view.

Welcome to my new site! Please stay a few minutes and look around.

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